How To Find A Beatles Bargain

Whether it be a very rare first LP pressing or an unusual autograph there is only one way to ensure that you stand a chance of getting the Beatles item you want at auction, and that is to keep a cool head and not to get carried away. Many people panic and bid too early; worried perhaps that, like in a shop, or at a collector’s fair, somebody will beat them to it. The online auction format doesn’t work like that and, if used properly, allows plenty of time to research a potential investment – which is also one of the reasons eBay et al have become so popular.

So what tactics can we employ?

It is very simple really: Always wait until the closing minute of an auction before entering your bid and then enter the MAXIMUM price you would be prepared to pay for that item. It is absolutely vital to follow these simple steps if you are to stand a chance of winning an item at the best possible price. By waiting until the final moments of the auction you avoid getting caught up in a bidding war where rivals eager to obtain a coveted item continually up their bids in order to outdo each other (and inevitably pay over the odds in the process).

This cool headed strategy is known as “sniping” and you can even employ software to carry out your bidding automatically during the final seconds of an auction (if you’re interested in finding this type of software then run a search for auction sniper or ebay sniping tool or perhaps click on one of the links on this site).

Of course; if somebody enters a higher bid then it makes no difference how late your own bid is entered because you still won’t win the auction – that is why it is important to enter the MAXIMUM price you are prepared to pay.
So remember; in order to grab a Beatles bargain follow these simple steps:
  • Wait until the closing minute of an auction
  • Enter the MAXIMUM price you would be prepared to pay for the item
Good luck and happy Beatles bargain hunting!